First Flight

Yesterday, I went to a high school with two friends to play my RC airplane for the first time.  We standed in a soccer field to launch the plane.  The plane just couldn’t fly.  It went up a little bit and then dropped to the ground.  After the battery power was gone, I recharged the plane about 4 minutues.

After recharging the plane, one of my friend successfully let the plane stay in the sky for about thirty seconds.  I saw the plane perform a 360-degree loop in the sky.  Incredible!

It’s my turn.  After I launched the plane, I kept pressing the throttle button to make the airplane to fly high.  The plane went higher and higher, further and further away from me.  The crazy thing happened.  The plane wasn’t controllable and it flew over the soccer field, toward the street and to the nearby houses.  Finally, it landed over a fence, but I was not sure where it landed.

I ran to the houses and looked for the plane but couldn’t find it outside.  So, I knocked the door of one house to look for the plane.  The first family was very kind to let me enter their back yard, but I still couldn’t find it.  I felt disappointed, and thanked the family to walk out.  Suddently I heard the noise of the airplane motor from the left side of the next house.  I knocked the next door, and a lady answered to help me get the plane.  It’s a happy ending.

Next time, I should find a bigger field to play my RC airplane to avoid this embarrassing situation.

NOTE:  The nose of the RC plane has some damages, because the plane crashed several time.  Fortunately, the body and the wing are still in a good condition.

The nose of  the RC plane


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